P900 Continuous Form Printer
P900/P900S - Continuous Form Printer
The P900 and P900S Continuous Form Printers are ideal when detailed documents are required such as batching records, process control statistics, or truck weighing records. The durable 9-PIN print head, self-inking ribbon cartridge, and adjustable pin feed mechanism allows these printers to accept an assortment of paper types and sizes with a print speed of 300 CPS. The P900 Series Printers are perfect for those installations needing detailed document recording. The P900 Printer is furnished with a parallel input while the P900S is supplied with a serial input board.
P800 DeskJet Printer
P800 - DeskJet Printer
The P800 Deskjet Printer is excellent for printing reports from such applications as Cardinal's WinVRS software where full-color graphics reports are necessary. The detail is sharper and the print speed faster than other printer models. Connect via USB or parallel, and the USB connection allows two printers without having to buy additional computer hardware.
P500 Tape Printer
P500 - Tape Printer
The P500 Tape Printer incorporates versatile on-board electronics and has a print speed of up to 4.2 lines per second. These are some of the key features that provide the basis for its ability to be tailored to the simplest or most complex printouts needed for applications such as process control, inventory control, and material handling installations. The printer can be configured for continuous eject tape or can provide individual receipt slips as needed for the weighing installation.
P400 Ticket Printer
P400 - Ticket Printer
The P400 Ticket Printer is a multifunctional printer capable of printing a variety of tickets. This printer prints on the original and up to 4 copies. Tickets can easily be inserted and removed. Front panel controls permit tickets to be advanced, reversed, or released. Its long-life print mechanism and easy-to-change ink cartridge permit frequent use with no sacrifice in speed or quality of printout.
P240 Direct Thermal Label Printer
P240 - Direct Thermal Label Printer
If you require longevity, high quality, and thermal printer technology, the P220 or P240 is your answer. Both of these high quality direct thermal printers are perfect for labeling, feature a flip-up print head for easy media loading or cleaning, and produce high quality characters at 203 dots per inch. The P240 prints up to 4" per second with a print width of 4". Interfacing to Cardinal's indicators via a RS-232 serial port, they can print lines, boxes and graphics.
CTP-1 Dot Matrix Printer
CTP-1 - Dot Matrix Printer
Cardinal's CTP-1 Dot Matrix Ticket Printer prints up to 2.1 lines per second. Its features include insert ticket and multi copy printing. It interfaces with Cardinal indicators via a RS-232 serial port. Standard serial printer cable provided. Character size is 2.9 mm x 1.6 mm and the printer has 35 columns.