Sterling Model 825

Standard Features:

  • All the standard features of the 820
  • Capacities from 2 lbs to 100 lbs
  • Full numeric key pad
  • Numeric tare input
  • Count using Average Piece Weight input
  • Variable sample size
  • Control feature for minimum sample size
  • Optional part number storage (20 to 300 data-files)
  • Capable of multi-platform operation
  • Capable of controlling filling and feeding operations (requires set point option--see process control section)
Sterling Model 820

Standard Features:

  • Compact 12.5"x16.5" Footprint
  • Capacities from 2 lbs to 100 lbs
  • 10"x12" Weighing Surface (6"x6" for 5 and 2lb capacities)
  • Bright Fiber-optic Back-lit Display
  • Durable, All-Steel Case
  • RS232 Serial Output for connection to a printer or computer
  • Easy-to-use Weighing and counting operation.
Sterling Model XC880A

Standard Features:

  • All the standard features of the 825
  • Capacities from 2 lbs to 100 lbs
  • Full Alpha-numeric key pad
  • 2nd display for status indication & prompting
  • Audible/Visual Check weighing function
  • Circuitry included for up to 3 remote platforms
  • Control feature for minimum sample size
  • 3 Independent RS232 ports
  • Full featured Part Number & Transaction storage (50 files standard, optional up to 3,000)
  • Easy file-edit functions
  • Custom prompts for special applications
  • Ethernet option available for networking
Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale
Fast One-Button operation
Automatic Sample Update ™ accuracy enhancement
Powerful interface options & flexibility
1: 1 million+ Internal Resolution
Heavy duty CAST construction
Optional integrated AC/DC Operation

Pennsylvania 7600 scale
All of the 7500+ features PLUS Expanded Features:
Optional 2nd Base Input for Sample to Bulk Counting
Keyboard for entry of:
Tare Weight
Average Piece Weight (or Wt/1000 Pieces)
I.D. Entry
Optional Bar Code Scanning & Printing
Available in 2 lb. to 200 lb. capacities
DC-190 Ultra Series Counting Scales
  • AC or rechargeable battery* operation (battery optional)
  • Three fluorescent displays for weight, unit weight and quantity
  • Lb/kg weight display conversion
  • Four scale channels including three load cell channels and a sample balance scale
  • Six setpoints for automatic checkweighing
  • Three RS-232 ports for connecting to peripherals such as bar code printers, ticket/tape printers, bar code laser/pen scanners, PCs, or a force balance
  • Net/gross weight display
  • Network up to 64 scale workstations
  • Accumulation and subtraction functions
  • Custom label formatting
  • 200 item memory
CAS SC Series Counting Scale
Electronic Counting Scale
SC Series

High performance electronic counting and weighing scale. For use in warehouses, factories & packaging operations, as well as QC control and ISO 9002 compliance applications. Large stainless steel platform will handle a wide variety of package sizes. Convenient kg/lb conversion key. Bright, easy to read LED display ensures visual accuracy. Memory feature locks in an item price when repeated packaging is required. High internal resolution (1/100,000) designed to give accurate counts with only small sample quantities. Simple operation with detailed step by step instructions.

Capacities from 10lb, 25lb and 50lb.
2240 Series
Cardinal's premier digital counting scale, the 2240 Series comes in capacities and increments ranging from 5 lb x .0005 lb ( 2 kg x .0002 kg) to 100 lb x .01 lb ( 45.4 kg x .005 kg). Platform size comes in 8.25" x 14.5" (21 cm x 37 cm) or 6" round (15 cm).
CS Series
Cardinal's economical digital counting scale, the CS Series comes in capacities and increments ranging from 6 lb x .0005 lb (3 kg x 0.2 g) to 65 lb x .005 lb (30 kg x 2 g). Platform size is 11.38” W x 8.25” D (29 cm x 21 cm).