LT Series
Available with scoop or pan, the dial is 8.5" (22cm) dial, with shatterproof lens, and the scoop is galvanized 11" x 16" x 5" with chains (28cm x 41cm x 13cm). Capacity is 30 lb x 1 oz.
11S Series Heavy-Duty Dial Scales with Hook
Detecto's 11S Series aluminum dial scales are ruggedly built and can work for multiple purposes and bulk weighings. The 11S Series will weigh large or small quantities with speed and accuracy. They feature a large, 7" (178mm) single, clear aluminum dial with black lettering and durable heavy cast iron protective housing to enclose precision parts from dust.
MCS Series Utility Scales
These rugged hanging dial scales with "S" hooks are designed for heavy-duty use and are ideal scales for a variety of uses. The 8" (20cm) dial is easy-to-read and the dial mechanism is protected by a lens while the plastic housing eliminates dents and scratches, thereby enhancing long-term use and accuracy. Available in a variety of capacities and pans, scoops, or platters.
T3530 Fish and Vegetable Pan Scale
The dial is an extra large 14.5" (37cm) double dial, and the pan is 15" (38cm) round stainless steel. Stainless steel housing and stainless steel commodity pans enhance the clean, attractive appearance making Detecto's hanging dial scale perfect for any retail or wholesale application.
HSDC "Legal for Trade" Hanging Digital Scales
The HSDC model is a full-featured, battery-powered hanging scale that incorporates push button tare, a sleep mode, and an auto shutoff mode to prolong battery life. Its aluminum alloy construction makes it lightweight and easy to use, but tough enough to stand up under conditions required of any portable hanging scale. Display: 1"/25mm high LCD. Power: 6 "C" size alkaline batteries.