AS Series Scales for Computer-Based Systems
Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, these PC board platform scales feature stainless steel platforms and are legal for trade.
Intelligent scale base with remote display and capacity of 150 lb x .05 lb or 0-100 lb x .5 oz or 100-150 lb x 1 oz. Platform size is 12" x 14" / 350mm x 356mm.
Bulk mail scale with capacity of 0-5 lb x .001 lb (.02 oz) 5-25 lb x .005 lb (.1 oz). Dimensions are 17" W x 21" D x 5" H / 432mm W x 533mm D x 127mm H.
Postal/UPS scales with capacities from 15 lb x .05 oz to 100 lb x .1 oz and platform size of 15" W x 9" D / 381mm W x 229mm D.
Electronic "Mail-Master" scale with capacity of 8 lb x .1 oz and platform size of 10" W x 8.25" D / 254mm W x 207mm D.