Self-Checking Load Cell Stands
A complete kit for floor mounted tank or hopper scales, these kits are ideal for new or exisiting installations - 3 or 4 legged tanks. They are easy to install and feature a low-profile design. Rugged, hermetically-sealed, stainless steel load cells and self-centering load buttons protect against offset side loads. Available in stainless or mild steel stands.
High-Capacity Truck And Tank Assembly
Furnishes high performance in a variety of medium to heavy-capacity truck, tank or hopper scales. This system protects sensitive scale components from abuse and wear. This protection is especially important for high volume, heavy loads which can accelerate wear and lead to premature failure. By placing our load cells within the protective framework of the double-link suspension system, we insure long-term accuracy under even the most demanding conditions.
Tension Load cell Assemblies
Cardinal Tension Load Cell Assembly kits are ideal for any suspension hopper application whether it's a new or existing one. Each kit comes complete with either 3 or 4 stainless steel tension load cells, necessary mild steel linkage, load cell cable and a junction box for a swift, easy installation. Stainless steel load cells are sealed for water protection and are supplied with ball joint rod ends that are equipped with Teflon isolators for lightning protection. We have a capacity for every application, and they are guaranteed for a full two years.
Mechanical Floor Stand Tank And Hopper Scales
Tanks and/or hoppers are usually furnished by the customer. Cardinal tank and hopper scales can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit almost any individual tank or hopper. The scales are designed so that the hopper or tank legs can be mounted directly on the scale girder chairs or on the fabricated steel weighbridge, whichever is preferred.
Suspension Hopper Scales
Cardinal Suspension Hopper Scales are used in all types of industry where weighing of bulk, weighing of batching, proportioning, compounding, charging, filling and processing is desired. These scales can be used in fixed positions or can be installed on lorry cars or on a monorail system, whichever is best for your application. They are built with such flexibility they can be installed on virtually any special equipment application required. These scales can be adapted for square, round or rectangular hoppers.