T Series Large Dial Top Loading Scales
Whatever your need in a top-loading dial scale, Detecto has a model to handle the job. The T Series comes in a variety of capacities with your choice of stainless steel or enamel finishes. An easy-to-clean surface, sturdy construction, stability, convenient viewing angle, and easy readability make these attractive top loaders an ideal choice for your weighing needs.
PT Series Petite Top Loading Dial Scales

Mechanical dial type portion scales with 5.75" (146mm) square stainless steel platform and 6" (152mm) diameter fixed or rotating dial. Available in a variety of capacities and graduations and optional taco/french fry or ice cream overrun trays available. Available in stainless steel or enamel finish.


Detecto's T100/T200 High Capacity
T100/T200 Large Dial Scales

The T100 and T200 are extra-large, high-capacity top loading dial scales well-suited for shipping and receiving departments. Built to take constant use, these models feature temperature compensation which assures accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures. With your choice of chrome-plated steel platforms in 11.5" (292mm) and 15" (381mm) square sizes, these large capacity top loaders are ready for weighing large items.

Capacities: T100 - 100 lb x 4 oz / T200 - 200 lb x 8 oz
Dial: 10.5" (267mm) diameter