Rail Hugger: Low-Profile Railway Scale
The Rail Hugger is engineered to give you the most advanced alternative to today's railroad track scales. The low-profile scale adapts to (or will be custom-made for) any combination of car lengths. Because it is mounted above ground in a shallow, concrete foundation, there is no worry about shifting ballast resulting in weight errors. As a result, maintenance is minimized and precious track time is rarely interrupted. That translates into money saved.
Pit Type Electronic - RSCA Series
Full Floating Deck A.R.E.M.A. Design. The massively constructed, heavy steel weighbridge is stabilized laterally and longitudinally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive moisture, dirt and foreign materials from entering the pit.
Mechanical Combination Truck and Railway Scale
This design is the first fabricated steel lever railway scale approved by the A.R.E.M.A. (American Railway Engineering Maintenance Association). It's also the first to adapt Frame Construction to increase strength and rigidity of high capacity scales. The cutaway illustration above shows the Cardinal-frame lever construction, a variation of the basic torque lever conformation required in heavier capacity railway track scales.